Christ was priest, prophet, and king.

Friday, 6/9/17

The Gospel gives us a back- and-forth between Jesus and the Scribes. In it Jesus declares that although he is a descendant of David, he is in fact much more. He is David’s Lord.

It might not be pertinent here, but the question of Christ’s relationship to David raises the question of what it was to Moses, who said, “A prophet like me will the Lord your God raise up for you from among your people, to him you shall listen.”

Again, it might not be pertinent here, but I wonder in what way could Jesus be called a prophet like Moses. We usually think of a prophet as one who foretells the future; but neither Moses or Jesus was noted for that.

The Hebrew word for a prophet was nabi which had been a child’s word for his mouth. In that sense, Moses, ad to a much greater degree, Jesus, gave their mouths to God so that he might speak through them.

When each of us was baptized, we were baptized a into union with Christ that gave us a sharing in his kingship, his role as a prophet, his role as a priest.

At times in our lives we are elevated to openly sharing in Christ’s kingship, prophetic role, and priesthood.

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