Between being a generous person and a selfish person where would you rank?

Monday, 6/19/17

Paul could say, “In everything we are ministers of God,” and that had me wondering how we rank in generosity.

The most generous man I knew was Father Phil Crosby who let himself be captured by the Reds on the chance he could help other prisoners. For three years he gathered dried weeds for their fires every day. They, in turn, gave him credit for keeping them alive.

Phil would quote St. Paul, saying, “No one lives as his own master. No one dies as his own master. Both in life and death, we are he Lord’s.”

You could compare Phil to a girl named Mimi we  had in one of our school plays. She introduced herself saying, “Me, I’m Mimi, yes Mimi. No one worries about me, not about Mimi.”

Between Phil’s generosity and Mimi’s selfishness where would you and I rank?

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