We prayerfully remember those who gave their lives for our country's ideals.

Monday, 5/29/17

Today we give our thanks to all the young Americans who gave their lives fighting for just causes. Their lives were precious to them.

Barry Allbright from down our street had great hopes that he sacrificed fighting for Korea. Johnny Buchart, a class ahead of me, with a sister in my class, was a casualty from among the 101 Airborne who freed French people from the Nazis.

We don’t know the names of the 416,000 who died in World War II. Same for the 58,000 who died in Vietnam, or the 36,000 who gave their lives to free Korea.

When I went back to college in the late 60’s I listened to the boys who didn’t want to go to Vietnam. Some off them had to go, without coming back. We offer our sincere prayers for all of them.

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