We must represent Christ, still walking among men,

Sunday, 5/28/17

After Jesus had been lifted up out of sight, the Lord’s angels appeared to his disciples, asking them, “Why do you stand here idle?”

They had work to do. Although Jesus was physically gone from the earth, he had established a church to represent him and to carry out the good works that had marked his thirty years walking with us.

Now, just fifty years ago a fine priest published a book that detailed the roles the church must play for it to be truly representing Christ living among us. Let me tell oiu abut that priest, and the book he wrote.

Alth9ugh we have almost forgotten him, Dwight Eisenhower was our president from 1953 to 1961. He knew more about being a golfer than he knew about being a statesman, but in John Fouster Dulles he had a Secretary of State who brought about a peace that enabled country after country to rebuild after World War II.

Now, the man who published a book detailing ways for the church to be Christ-like, was John Foster Dulles’ son Avery.

Avery, a Jesuit priest, quoted Jesus as saying he was out friend, our servant, our shepherd, our teacher, and our way to the Father.

On the Feast of the Ascension, we, as members of his church, should go about representing him by being teachers, servants, shepherds, friends and ways ti the Father.

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