We must be ready to gi've a justification for our hopes.

Sunday, 5/21/17

In our second reading today St. Peter said, “Always be ready to give an explanation for the reason for your hopes.”

In pondering over what explanation I could give for that, I went somewhat overboard.

Over the last few years, I have given a world of thought to explaining ways I  have for standing true to my beliefs.  In fact, I have written a 500 page justification of my Catholic beliefs

This book is a personal account. I haven’t written it to convince others. But, calling this account “My Take on Christianity” I find it reminding me of my mother’s flower garden. She wasn’t laying out a garden to amaze or instruct others. She just wanted to combine the little plots to please herself with getting it right.

From my five hundred pages I have selected ten short paragraphs, hoping that they pleasingly come  together like  my mother’s flower beds.

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