Our Lord's final prayer for his followers.

Tuesday, 5/30/17

Our daily Gospels from Easter on have been monologues by Jesus. However, rather than their being exact, word for word, quotations of Our Lord’s words, they have been John’s paraphrase of the kind of things he heard Jesus say.

In today’s Gospel John, who knew Jesus better than anyone, summarizes Our Lord’s final prayer before he left the Last Supper.

He prayed that we his followers might have eternal life. And he said, that by eternal life he meant more than just living on and on; it meant our truly knowing the Father, and the Son whom he has sent.    

Although all the world is his, and is his concern, yet in his final moments he wanted to pray for his  followers than God has turned over to him.

As he prepares to leave this world, he commissions his followers to carry on in his name.

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