The women stayed under the cross after the apostles fled.

Monday, 4/17/17

A number of women followers of Jesus, along with John, had stood watching the whole of Our  Lord’s crucifixion, while  ten of the Apostles had fled the scene. Watching the death were Our Lord’s mother Mary, along with  Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James the Lesser, and Salome. They all followed Joseph of Arimathea as he carried the body to the to the tomb, seeing the stoned rolled over the opening just before the Sabbath began at sunset Friday.  

When the compulsory Sabbath rest ended at sunset Saturday they came together to prepare the proper ointments for anointing their dead Lord. Then, at sunrise Sunday they went to the tomb to anoint our Lord’s body, wondering as they went how they could roll back he stone.

For some time after the Resurrection a variety of stories circulated as to ha happened next on Easter morning. The four Gospels told us different stories as whether they saw two angels or one. If we try to fit them together, we might see Mary Magdalene finding the empty tomb, then running to tell Peter and John about it. Then afterwards, Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene, r.

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