Lazarus, come out!

Sunday, 4/2/17

Let us treasure the many details in St. John’s account of Jesus bringing Lazarus back to life. Doesn’t it bring out much of Our Lord’s humanity to read, “Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister Mary and Lazarus?” It leaves us wondering how that special affection came to life, and how they expressed it.

As a Thomas, I have objected to Thomas the Apostle being known as “Doubting Thomas.” With the others saying they would all be killed if they went back into the power of the Jewish leaders, it was brave Thomas who said, “Let’s us go over to die with him.”

When they arrived at Bethany, the Apostles learned that Lazarus had already been in the tomb for four days. St. John made a point of that, because the Jews were not sure a person was really dead until he had been dead four days.

Don’t you wonder over Jesus calling himself the Resurrection? “I am the Resurrection.”

When Mary came out to where Jesus was waiting, the people mourning with her followed. What was their reaction at seeing Mary fall to the ground, clasping Our Lord’s feet?

Where our Bible says Jesus was perturbed and deeply troubled, John’s Greek wording was stronger, expressing the very deep grief over a dear friend’s death.

Before Jesus told Lazarus to come out, he thanked the Father for the miracle. And what a miracle it was, seeing Lazarus push open the tomb, lean up, then begin undoing the wraps!

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