Jesus can turn you into an un-cnonized saint, if you walk and talk with him.

 Wednesday, 4/19/17

That man, lame from birth, had spent all his years sitting in the dust outside the temple’s Beautiful Gate. So, after Peter lifted him up on both legs, and had him accompany him and john into the temple; well, the man couldn’t just walk with them, he needed to now and then jump a little.

The two disciples who had journeyed to Emmaus, experienced a similar overload of energy after Jesus had opened the Scriptures for them. Even though they had walked enough that day, and even though they were enclosed in darkness, they couldn’t suppress the desire to hurry back to Jerusalem. They had to tell the others about the wonderful things that had happened to them while they were with Jesus on the way.

We sometimes wonder why all the miracles happened way back then. How come nothing wonderful happens with us?

Well, that once-lame beggar grew old and died, and the same must be said about the two disciples who listened to Jesus on the road, and around the dinner table. They lived out their years in some way or another, then died.

You have and advantage over them in that you still have lives to live. You can every day, every hour, meet with Jesus in prayer. He could help you make the rest of your life the very best it could be. He is willing to turn you into an un-canonized saint.

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