The water flowing from the temple symbolize the graces people ring with them from church.


In a vision, Ezekiel saw water trickling from the Holy Place at the core of the temple. It flowed eastward on the south side of the altar, and out the eastern gates; becoming an ever deeper river, as it flowed eastward and down toward the Arabah, (that crevice in the earth south of the Dead Sea.) The water turned south toward Aquabah, and out into the sea where it turned salt water into fresh. In his vision Ezekiel saw fruit trees of ever kind growling along both banks of the river coming from the temple.  

For us, the water might symbolize the graces people bring away with them from their time  spent in prayer. The trees along the way are the good things for the world that are nourished with God’s grace that people carry away with them from church.

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