Our obeying the Commandments has us wearing yhe livery of our Lord.

Monday, 3/6/17

Let’s note something special about both of today’s readings. In the first reading, God tells us we must be holy because he is holy. Then, in a similar vein, he says we must keep each of his commandments because he is the Lord.

This need to follow one’s lord was enforced through the Middle Ages by the followers of each ruler were made to wear clothing that announced their following of him. It was called the lord’s  “livery.” WE wear God’s livery when we live by the Commandments that low from his nature.

As for the Gospel, it is well to note that it is from Chapter Twenty-Five of Matthew’s Gospel. That chapter  is comprised of three parables that tell us on how we will be judged at the end of our days.

The parable on the bride’s maids who were ready at the groom’s coming, were those who were in the state of Grace when death surprises them.

The parable of those who did, and those who did not, make the best of their talents, tells us we will be judged on the use we have made of our God-given abilities.

Today’s parable on separating the sheep tells us we will be judged on our readiness to come to the aid of those in need.

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