Jesus made memorable his last Feast of Tabernacles.

Friday, 3/31/17

The Feast of Tabernacles mentioned in today’s Gospel was a week-long feast in the autumn of every year. The people of Jerusalem, in commemorating the forty years of their wandering in the desert, came out of their houses to spend the whole week in the streets, living in tabernacles or tents.

John gave over all of his Chapter 7 and 8 to the events of that final Feast of Tabernacles for Jesus. In the evenings the people all passed up to the temple yard where they  acted out some of their hardships from Exodus. Like, one evening the temple servants brought buckets of water from Siloam, pouring it over the altar from the back in a semblance of Moses bringing forth water from a rock.

Living out in the streets probably contributed to the woman being caught In adultery.

A specialty of the Feast of Tabernacles was the giant torch glowing for the week over the temple yard. Jesus would make mention of it on the last day of the feast that year.

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