If you keep the Lord's Day holy, you will ride upon the heights.

Saturday, 3/ 4/17

The Bible tells that if you honor God on his Lord’s Day, putting other cares aside, then you will ride upon the heights.

Let me tell you about two experiences those words have me reliving. The first takes me back a half a century to when I spent eleven years in a church compound fifty feet above our little town. Although the road up was so steep that my motorcycle stalled on it, the town’s very old and the very young climbed to that church yard.  It meant a lot for them to be above the acrid smoke settling on their mud and straw houses.

Back in the States, I recaptured the certitude of being above it all when I road north on that Blue Ridge Parkway high above the Shenandoah Valley.

But to ride on the heights, there is no need to travel to Korea or Tennessee. By keeping the Lord’s Day holy, by shedding the cares that engulf us, we can ride on the heights, enjoying being alone with ourselves and with God.

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