Don't live like a barren bush in a lava waste.

Thursday, 3/16/17

Jeremiah has his way of describing one whose heart has turned away from God, who leaves him or her to search for fulfilment in the cloying pleasures of the flesh and in receiving faint praise. Such a one, Jeremiah says, “is like a barren bush that stands in a lava waste, a salt and empty earth.”  

By contrast, Jeremiah says one who trusts in the Lord is like “a tree planted beside the waters, that fears not the heat when it comes.”

Once, I decided on buying two small bushes to illustrate this Bible reading in my Sunday homily. I went down to that tree nursery on Herschel Street, and I was poking through the back lot, when a young man working there came up to help me find what I was looking for. He assured me he knew that nursery’s stock inside out.

So, I told him about wanting two quite dissimilar bushes to illustrate a homily, and he said, “Yeah? Well you better talk to the boss.”

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