All God wants from us is outstanding kindness to the least of his children.

Tuesday, 3/14/17

Our first reading today is from Chapter One of the Book of Isaiah, the greatest and most poetic of God's prophets.

Isaiah tells us that it was in the year king Uzziah died that he was called to be God’s spokesman. That was in 747 B.C., and we have him delivering God’s messages down to 701 B.C..

In today’s reading he addressed the people of Jerusalem as Sodom and Gomorra, whose life of thievery and of unnatural sexuality had brought on their destruction a thousand years earlier. Isaiah saw his contemporary Jerusalem as guilty of like sins.

When you compare the messages delivered by Isaiah to those coming from the gods of other ancient religion, the outstanding thing about Isiah’s God was his concern for humans experiencing the direst needs.

God’s message delivered by Isaiah was, “Make justice your aim: redress the wronged, hear the orphan’s plea, defend the widow.”  

Our God does not require any triumphs or successes from us, all he wants is that we exhibit outstanding kindness to the least of his children. 

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