What we have done to make our pre-dirt years with while.

Saturday, 2/11/17

After Adam’s happy time in the garden, it must have hurt deeply to hear God say, “You will return to the ground from which you were taken, for you are dirt, and to dirt you shall return.”

We are sorry for poor old Adam. But what makes those words particularly gruesome is the realization that they apply to us as well.

Is there anything in our lives that has made our pre-dirt years worth while? Oh sure there is. We have contributed to healthy family life, and to making things happier outside of our family circle.

Today’s Gospel has me remembering a silly good deed from sixty years ago. For my parish in Korea I erected a bulletin board to attract the attention of people passing by. For one item, each week I did a watercolor illustration of the Sunday Gospel. For today’s Gospel I turned my

cook Peduroo into a disciple carrying a basket of bread down the hill. He complained over how long he had to pose with one foot on my easy chair, and one foot on the floor.

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