The story of Cain and Abel is true, but not factual.

Monday, 2/13/17

When we had a similar reading one day last week, we asked it were a true story; and we had to say it was not factual, but it is still true.

Paleontology tells us that the story of Cain and Abel is non factual. The Bible presents them as the first persons born to mankind, with Cain being a tiller of the soil, and Abel a keeper of flocks. However, Paleontology demonstrates that humans roved the earth for tens of thousands of years before the fist humans kept flocks or tilled the soil.

The evidence for the first humans who raised flocks pinpoints people in the Zagros mountains of northern Iraq. Evidence for people tilling the land for crops points to people near Jericho nine thousand years ago.

For all that, the story of Cain and Abel must be a true one in that it demonstrates how

 God inspires story tellers to present murder as hateful to God. It is true in that it presents the mage of a woman who would crush the serpent’s head.  

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