The story of Adam and Eve is not factual, but it belongs in the Bible

Friday, 2/10/17

If you asked me if Adam and Eve were real individuals I’d have to say No. But if you asked if their story belongs in the Bible I’d say Yes.

Their story is far from the facts of history. For instance, their sons Cain and Abel are called the first two people born in this world; and where Abel is presented as a keeper of sheep, Cain is said to be a tiller of he soil. The facts are that people were on this earth for nearly a million years while they kept alive by following wild animals, and by picking wild vegetation.

In the Zagros Mountains of northern Iraq Archaeologists have found the bones of penned animals from 11000 years ago. In Jericho they have uncovered the first farms where people planted and harvested seeds from 9000 years ago.

 I said, the story of Adam and Eve belongs in the Bible. It does because God inspired the author to present the first humans as created by God, as familiar with God, and as knowing they needed to obey God.

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