Need Jeus have taught the people at great length?

Saturday, 2/4/17

Our Gospel concludes by noting that Jesus taught the people at great length. If you feel that he need not have taken much time to tell them all they needed to know about religion you may be wrong.

The word religion shares its meaning with ligaments, and the “Re” prefix has Religion meaning all that ties us to God while tying him to us.

Thirty-five years ago the nun in charge of our parish school asked me to devise first and second semester Religion courses for our Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades. That had me making up semester courses in World Religions, Old Testament, Matthew’s Gospel, John’s Gospel, Church History.

That made me aware of all I had to leave out, like: Paul’s Letters, Traditional Catechisms, our Prayer life; Spirituality, other Christian Religions, Our duties as custodians of God’s creation. We can leave all that out while still leading self-satisfying lives; but they might border on selfishness, and Ignorance.

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