How the Old Testament came to be wwritten

Tuesday, 2/8/17

As we launch into reading the Old Testament it is good to recall when it was put into  writing. That was around 600 B.C.

Although Greek, Hebrew \ and  Latin writing appear different from one another, they have similar sounding words, and they come from alphabets of letters in        similar sequences.

Up until 1100 B.C. the writing of Chinese, Sumeria, and Egypt  wetre the only ancient ways of writing. They wrote with pictures o complete words.

Then, in 1100 B.C. it occurred to the the manage of a copper mind in the Sianni that  every word is made up of little sounds.

Like the Egyptian word for a deer is aleph, and the Egyptian word or a room is beth. He put them together for the first alphabet.

The Jews took five hundred years to develop their own Hebrew alphabet. After they were made captives in Babylon they saw how the people there had put their sacred legends Into writing, they decided on doing the same. They gathered their priests, lawyers, and tribal story tellers, \ combining their legends into one Bible.

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