Alcohol and tobacco can turn useful lives into useless lives.

Tuesday, 2/28/ 17

On reading today’s Gospel, I recall a wonderful priest who spoke to us students about today’s Gospel. That priest, Father Tim, was my idol. Anytime I saw seminarians gathered around him I would join the group to hear his sharp comments.  Unconsciously, I picked up some of his mannerism, and people sometimes said I sounded like Father Tim.

After twenty hears or so I visited a priests’ residence where I saw a sad old man with half a drink in one hand, and half a cigarette in the other.

 I asked who he was, an I got the answer, “You should know him. That’s Father Tim.”

Although I have never had any will power, with God’s help I had my last cigarette over forty years ago, and my last bit of alcohol over thirty years ago. In exchange for those deadening crutches I have a clear mind and an appreciation for everything real in the world around us.

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Unknown said...

That's it, Father.
I've kept from drinking with Bible reading.
I have no willpower, the Word has an amzing

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