Today we honor Paul's saintly companions.

Thursday, 1/26/17

Today we honor St. Paul’s two most helpful disciples, Timothy and Titus. The letters Paul wrote to them are part of the New Testament. It was on Paul’s first missionary journey through central Turkey that the people recommended his taking Timothy with him.

Even though Timothy had a pagan Greek  father, he  had lovingly been raised on the Scriptures by his mother Eunice and her mother  Lois. After Paul had agreed to take Timothy with him as his sidekick, he had him circumcised to make him acceptable in synagogue after synagogue.

In time Timothy became the bishop of the key city of Ephesus, while Paul sent Titus to organize the Church on the island of Crete.

The Bible’s Letters that Paul wrote to Timothy and Titus are wonderful and valuable reading for us all.

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