The Baptism of John and the infant Church'sBaptism.

Friday, 1/5/17

With Jesus being baptized by John, I’d like to figure out the different ways baptisms were done by John and by the early church.

I see John standing waist-deep thirty feet out into the Jordan. People are pictured as calling out their sans as their line neared John. Then, he would reach out and dunk each person. It was a humiliation each accepted to pay for his or her sins.

The accounts we have of baptisms in the early church tell us that they were only conferred on Holy Saturday when they thought of Jesus in his tomb. In their imaginations those to be baptized saw the baptismal pool as representing the tomb of Jesus

Paul, in Chapter Six of his Letter to the Romans tells us  that the death by which Jesus saves us is not so much his physical death as his death to sin. In stepping down into the stand-in for the tomb of Jesus, the candidate was saying, “I amm dying to sin with Jesus.”  

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