Chapter One of John's Gospel recounts what God the Son did on thee seventh day of a new creation in Grace.

Saturday, 1/7/17

The Gospel today gives us the Marriage Feast at Cana when Jesus turned water into wine. But forty years ago I discovered there was more to this story than meets the eye. Let me tell you how I made this discovery.

For the Eighth Grade’s second semester I had decided on making up twenty-five lessons on St. John’s Gospel. However, beyond knowing that John’s Gospel had some beautiful stories not found in the other three Gospels, I didn’t know much about it. Then, in November of that year,  an Irish priest friend asked me if I would pay him to take over my parish for two weeks.

I made the deal with him, then I took a copy of John’s Gospel to a cheap motel room where I spent two weeks marking down what John was saying in each verse of his Gospel. That had me discovering some beautiful secrets of John’s Gospel.

For instance, I saw that Chapter One of John’s Gospel recorded the event of the first six days of Our Lord’s Publlc Llfe. And, I saw that Chapter Two opened with Jesus taking part in a wedding banquet.

Do you see something familiar about that?

Chapter One of Genesis recorded what God did on the first dix days of creation. Then Chapter Two opened with God the Father resting in heaven.

I, Chapter Two of John's Gospel  we see God the Son resting after six days of the new creation of Grace. And what adds charm to this picture of heaven is that “the mother of Jesus is there.”

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