Chapter One of John's Gospel recounts how the Son of God began the creation of the world of Grace.

Sunday, 1/15/17

Our Gospel is from verses 29 to 34 in Chapter One of John’s Gospel.  However, it is not all there. In you Bible that first verse begins with the words “The next day.”

The importance of noting those three little words is that they occur again and again in this first chapter of John’s Gospel.  In all, this chapter tells about what Jesus did on six successive days.

John wanted us to compare the opening of his Gospel to the opening of Genesis where we read what God did over six days. While Genesis recorded the first six days of the world’s creation, John’s Gospel records the first six days of God’s Son creating the world of Grace.

It enriches us to follow this chapter from day to day. The first day, Jesus came to be baptized by John. The next day John pointed him out to Andrew and John. The next day they told Simon the had found the Messiah. The next day Simon came, and Jesus called him Peter. The next day Jesus told Phillip to follow him, and the next day Phillip alerted Nathaniel.

Chapter Two of Genesis opened with Jesus resting on the seventh day. Chapter Two of John’s Gospel opens with Jesus resting at Cana, and “the mother of Jesus was there.”

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Father, I thought Jesus went into the dessert and was tempted by the devil for 40 days immediately after being Baptized.

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