We join Jesus in his Last Suipper blessing.

Friday, 12/9/16

With the readings today not being inspirational, let’s us imagine ourselves reclining with Jesus at the Last Supper. Let us allow Jesus to lead us through the three parts of the blessing he offered that night.

He begins by asking us to join him in thankfully recalling all the blessings we have received since the last time.

As the second part of the his table blessing, he prays that God should make himself  sensibly present to us, so that we can speak with him.

As the third part of his table blessing, Jesus gives himself to the Father as a pleasing gift, and he asks us to become part of that gift by mentally offering ourselves to tnhe Father; and then by giving himself to us in Communion, he makes us also physically one with him in his sweet gift of himself  to the Father.

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