St.Lucy has been honored and loved by all Christians.

Tuesday, 12/14/16

Today we honor St Lucy who was born of well-to-do parents at Syracuse on Sicily in 283. She was just five when her father died, leaving his fortune to Lucy rather than to his wife, Euticus, who was from Greece.  Everyone knew that she would present a wealthy dowry to the man who got to marry her. So she had suitors galore.

The man to whom her uncles decided to give her despised her for her Christian faith, and so Lucy secretly decided on dividing her wealth among the poor. Her mother, Euticus, caught on to the scheme, and was decided on blocking it, when Lucy found a way for winning her mother’s cooperation.

For years her Euticus  had suffered from an incurable sores, so Lucy persuaded her to       accompany her to the tomb of St. Agatha, where she received a miraculous cure.  

When Lucy carried out her plan of distributing her wealth to the poor, the man who had counted on receiving her dowry, brought  Lucy before the court.

When she refused to offer incense to the Roman gods she was tied to a stake to be burned to death; but when the flames refused to touch her, a soldier dispatched her with a sword thrust.  

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