St. Francis Xavier is the patron saint of all missionaries

Saturday, 12/3/16

Today we honor St. Francis Xavier, th [atropnm pf all  missionaries, and the special paytron of the Sisters of St. Fancis Xavier who work so beautifully us at t. Vincents.

Francis was born in 1506, the son of a Basque nobleman. (The name Xavier means s “big house.” When his Spanish companions became disciples of the lame soldier, Ignatius of Loyola he was ashamed of them; but aftrer he came into contact with the great sanctity of St. Ignatius, he always knel when writing to him.

Pope Alexander VI hsd put all of Asia unter the control of the king od Portugal, and that king appointed Francis to be his special delegate to all of Asia. So, representing the king and Jesus Francis visited India, China, Japan and all the islands, leaving his holy mark on all those lands.   

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