St. Ambrose turneed our churches into audience halls.

Wednesday, 12/7/16

Ambrose was born into a Christian family in 340 A.D., but while his sister became a nun, he remained unbaptized. He was made governor of northern, residing with the Roman emperor in Milan.

In 350 that emperor appointed the Arian priest, Auxentius, to serve as bishop of Milan; and in the next twenty-four years Auxentius brought the people around to seeing Jesus as just a good man, but not God's Son.

In 374 when Auxentius died a new emperor told Ambrose to conduct a hearing for the Christians and Arians to decide on a new bishop.

 Milan's Arians and Christians were arguing about the choice, when in the midst of the wrangling,  a child's voice rang out, saying, "Let the governor be our bishop."

Ambrose accepted, taking baptism snd ordination as Milan's bishop. He saw his first task to be one of bringing the people back to accepting Jesus as the Son of God.

For that, Ambrose hit on a scheme.  He had long been in attendance on the emperor, always kneeling before him. and bringing only gold and fine linen into touch with the emperor.

He decided on making the people treat Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament the way they would the emperor.

Before that. people at Mass had laid on the floor the way the apostles did at the Last Suppe, but Ambrose turned each church into an audience hall like the emperor's.

At Mass, instead of imagining Jesus whispering, asking them to join him as one pleasing gift, what they heard was an usher shouting, "Bow!Bow! Bow!

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