Is your heart possessed by Pride, Covetousness, Lust, Anger,Gluttony, Envy or Sloth, turning it into an inn with no room for the Holy Family?

Sunday, 12/11/16

In the Christmas story, Mary gave birth to Jesus in a barn, because there was no room for them  at any of the inns. We once dramatized that lack of welcome in a play the school kids performed. In the play we set up seven doorways of the inns at which Mary and Joseph were not welcome. There was the House of Pride, the House of Greed, the House of Lust, the House of Anger, he House of Gluttony, The House of Envy, and the House of Sloth.

When it comes to welcoming Jesus at Christmas, would any of those seven houses characterize your heart, making Jesus, Mary, and Joseph un welcome?

John the Baptist repeatedly called out one challenge “Prepare ye the way of the Lord.” “Prepare ye the way of the Lord!”

In out grade school play we had fun with the names of the hosts and hostess’s  at those seven unwelcoming inns. There was Lulu of the House of Lust, Banger Anger of the House of Anger, MiMi of  the House of Envy, and Tamara of the House of Sloth. (She was called Tamara, cause that’s when she was going to get things done –Tamara.)

Each of us has an inclination toward one or another of the Deadly Sins. Which is yours? Would you like to clean it up, making your heart a welcoming place for Jesus?

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