Anna was a prophetess. A prophet is one who lets God use his or her mouth to speak the truth.

Friday,  12/30/16
Today’s Gospel gives us a lady named Anna. St. Luke informed us that her father’s name was Phanuel, and he was of the tribe of Asher. Anna, having been married for seven years when she was young, lived on alone until she was eighty-four. 

Luke tells us that she was a prophetess. The Hebrew word for a prophet was nabi. It was taken from  a child's word for a mouth. Anna gave God the use of her mouth.  Anyway, she came to the temple every day of her life; and when she saw the child Jesus, she immediately recognized him, and she went on to speak about him to all who would listen. 

Several years ago, in speaking to the grade school children at Mass, I told them that the old people who come to Mss every day are very close to God; but some of the kids protested, saying, “Those people don’t like us.”

Whatever. Jesus said, “The first will be last, and the last will be first.” 
If we make it past St. Peter we will be able to see who comes on first. Will it be the kids or the old ladies? Would any of you put your money on our   archbishops?

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