Treasure this picture of Jesus leaning his Fathr's house.

Friday, 11/19/16

The temple in Our Lord’s time was a series of ever-larger courts. At its core was a twenty-by-ten foot building of two rooms. The inmost room was the curtained Holy of Holies. The outer one was the Holy Place, where Zachariah burned incense.. Extending twenty feet out from that on three sides was the Courtyard of the Priests.

Extending seventy-five feet out from that on all sides of the Courtyard of Israel. A barbeque pit In its center was the altar on which sheep, rams and bulls were roasted by the priests.

On all sides, extending a hundred feet out from the enclosed Courtyard of Israel, was the Courtyard of the Gentiles where the cattle were sold and the Roman coins exchanged for coins supposedly acceptable to Yahweh.

Devout Jew brought their choice beasts to be offered in sacrifice, but temple employee often found them lacking the perfection the priests demanded. This rejection of the beasts brought by believers, along with the replacement the temple people sold, made for a great throng of bleating, and roaring beasts.

It’s great for you to picture Jesus twining ropes together for making a great whip, then swinging it overhead, driving out the beasts. His was such a righteous manner that no one dared to stop him.

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