"They will not leave one stone upon another."

Thursday, 11/17/16

In the Gospel Jesus foretold the destruction of Jerusalem.

Simon, one of the twelve Apostles, had belongesd to a Jewish independence party known as the Zealots. Thirty years further on, the Zealots became  terrorists know as the Siccari, because they ambushed Roman patrols, killing them off with short siccas, or daggers.

After those raids the Siccari would go into hiding deep in Jerusalem. Exasperated with them, the Roman Senate commissioned General Vespasian to destroy the whole city along with the Siccaris.

Vespasian set up catapults to hurl fire balls into the city, ad he tunneled down to cut off all Jerusalem’s water supply. In the year 69 General Vespasian was elected emperor, so he turned the destruction of the city and the temple to his son General Titus.

Jesus prophesied how it would be in the year 70, “Jerusalem, They will smash you to the ground and your children within you, and thy will not leave one stone upon another.”

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