The Gifts of the Spirit.

Tuesday, 11/29/16

We all love Chapter Eleven of Isaiah the Prophet. Seven hundred years before Our Lord’s coming Isaiah saw him as a shoot sprung from the roots Jacob.

He will be characterized by gifts of Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Knowledge, and Fear of the Lord. His delight will be Fear of the Lord.

If you are weary of the old Mysteries of the Rosary, you can enliven your spirituality by using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit an the Beatitude from your Mysteries.


Anne B said...

When I get through the mysteries of the Son and the Spirit and the Beatitudes, I'll come to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit! Not that I'm bored with the traditional Mysteries - when thinking on the Logos I naturally harkened back to The Annunciation!

Anne B said...

I mean the mysteries of Jesus and the mysteries of our lives (having prayed the five mysteries of God - & left a comment).

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