Lord, say the word, and my soul will be healed.

Monday, 11/28/16

Tha Apostles who walked from town to town with Jesus, were always happy when he directed them to Capernaum. Both they and Jesus had so many friends there, that entering town they were happy with the prospect of a bath, a good meal,  and somewhere other than the side of the road where they could sleep.

The Romans, for keeping the peace in Capernaum, stationed there a centurion, a seargent-major; and although the superior Romans usually kept to themselves, this centurion approached Jesus, addressing him as Lord.

The centurion was most concerned over the pains suffered by his Jewish servent, and he had the gift of faith that enabled him to believe Jesus could cure the man.

When Jesus said he would come to the sick servant, the centurion said his home was not fine enough to entertain the presence of Jesus. He said, “Only say the word, and my servant will be healed.”

He followed that up with something surprising. He said that when he wanted something  done far from him, he could send a servant to do it for him. Was he there saying that he believed Jesus had invisible servants, angels, to do his bidding?”

We make the centurion's words our own, We say, "Lord, say but the word and this servant of yours will be healed"

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