Happiness comes from good behavior.

Tuesday, 11/8/16

Paul, writing to Titus, tells him to teach people good behavior. Like, “older men should be temperate and dignified.” “Older women should be reverent in their behavior, not slanderers.”
Younger women should be, “Self controlled, chaste, good housekeepers.”

Paul urged Titus to show himself as a “Model of good deeds in every respect, with integrity in his teaching, with dignity and sound speech.”

Such controlled behavior leads to happy lives all around. I taught for four years at s Catholic high school, along with twenty-four years in a Catholic grade school. Recently, going over those last twenty-four years with the former principal of the grade school, we could not recall any scandal or major blow up from those years; and we agreed that the credit belonged to the parents and families of those kids who taught them that happiness comes from good behavior.

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