God will always supply us with men and women who will keep hope alive in our hearts

Saturday, 11/12/16

Our first reading today is the shortest book in the Bible. It is only a half page that John wrote to a man named Gaius, thanking him for his hospitality to those wandering about, spreading the Gospel.

I have been a strong voice against people carrying guns and against polluting our atmosphere,, and that has kept me voting with the Democrats.  

With this election promising to take away our protection against shootings, and its allowing industry to cloud us with smog; and with its insuring that we will have a supreme court that is pro gun and pro smoke; I have felt devoid of all hope.

When I relayed my loss of hope to a lady who shares my concern, she said something that cheered me up. She said that even though the lobbyists will go on controlling the big picture, there are always good people in the lesser picture who can restore our hope.

And, today’s reading is an example of that. With God’s help we will always have little people to keep hope alive in our hearts.

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Unknown said...

Father, as a Roman Catholic Priest, how can you vote pro-choice and abortion? Trump has won. He deserves a chance. If in 4 years, you are not satisfied, go to the polls and say, "President Trump, Your'e Fired".

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