God appreciates the Widow's mite

Monday, 11/21/16

From th Middle Ages the Church has thought of today as the honoring the Presentation of the child Mary into the temple.  Artists of the Middle Ages presented us with several fine depictions of the child Mary submitting herself to the chief priests. It makes for a lovely scene, but is unlikely thatit ever happened.

The Gospel really brings us down to earth. In it we see the Apostles amusing themselves by watching the rich people dropping huge amojnts into the temple treasury. Jesus was seemingly busy with deeper thought when is attention was caught by a widow dropping two small coins into the treasury.

A wall in St. Paul’s School Office has a glass covered frame with two small coins that it identifies as “The Widow’s Mites.” The coins ar so thin that they would have fluttered down into the treasury.

Jesus praised the widow for offering her whole livelihood. By that he was telling us that he is most pleased with our efforts when we give till it hurts.

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