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Tuesday, 11/15/16

Our Gospel today gives us another delightful story from Jericho. While it was a cure for his blindness that made Bartimaeus anxious to meet with Jesus; with Zachaeus, the chief tax collector, it was the chance of seeing a thoroughly good man that made him anxious to see Jesus.

While Bartimaeus had expressed his keen desire to see Jesus by again and again shouting over the crowd. Zachaeus expressed his great desire by leaving his dignity on the ground while he climbed a tree.

The law of the Pharisees seeing the blindness of Bartimaeus as an expression of his sinfulness, used it to forbid his attending the synagogue. They saw his taking money from Jews for Rome as cause to exclude Zachaeus from the synagogue.  

The prominence that the Gospels show to both men tells us that God regards every human as his beloved child.

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