By developing all our talents we can each of us mirror God in a special way.

Wednesday, 11/16/16

Our Lord told us this parable of making good use of the gold talents entrusted to us. This is a favorite topic of mine, so if you don’t want to read what I have said several times before, just lay this aside, and say your prayers.

In our Sixth Grade classroom one day back in the eighties Casey Corrigan raised her hand, and asked, “If God made us in his image, how come some people are left handed? My answer to that was that my sister Peggy was left handed, so I suppose God makes all mean people left handed so we can tell who they are.

That was a foolish thing to say. Peggy was a loving mother who sent twelve of her thirteen children through college. Still, Casey’s question hid this deeper question: “If we are all made in God’s image, how can we be so different from each other?”

An answer to that question came to me. It is this: we can think of God as being like a many faceted jewel, with each of us created with the potential of mirroring a different facet. We are not created mirroring a facet of God. We are born only with the potential of mirroring our own facet. We can each mirror that facet of God only if we practice a Christ-like love for all, as we develop all of our individualized natural talents for having heathy minds and bodies.

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