All confusion disappears when you cuddle in your Father's arms.

Sunday, 11/13/16

The readings at Mass today leave me confused. When is this end of the world? Frankly, I am not in need of any more confusion. We have just elected a president who never paid his taxes, and who mishandled women.

But, as for the end of the world. Maybe  we are meant to think about our own deaths as the end of our worlds. But what are we meant to think about them?

I sat two days ago with a sixty-two-year old lady who never smoked, but who was dying of lung cancer. She so much wanted to see her grandchildren grow up. All I could tell her was what I tell any confused person. I said that Jesus told her to call God her loving father.

I remember being eight years old, and being suddenly picked up by my dad, and being nestled in his lap. Did it happen with you? Wasn’t it wonderful? Don’t give up If you cannot remember your own dad doing that for you. Just let your heavenly father hold you tight. Ir will have you forgetting all the world’s confusion.

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