Two ways to make the rosary more meaningful

Friday, October 7, 2016

I have been saying a daily rosary for 75 years now. And in the first fifty years I met the same two difficulties: the first came from splitting my attention between the words of the Hail Mary and the mystery on which I was to meditate. The second was that I got tired of meditating on such things as the Annunciation and the crowning of Mary as Queen of angels and saints.

As for solving the first difficulty, I remembered going Christmas shopping with my mother when I was four years old. In busy crowds I held tight to her hand while gaping around at all the sights, and not thinking of my mother at all. Now I say the Hail Mary as I hold tight to Mary's hand, but give all my attention to the mysteries.

As for solving my second difficulty, I have substituted new mysteries. In the morning, I use the Beatitudes and the gifts of the Holy Spirit for my mysteries. In the afternoon, I use the opening words of John's gospel. This has me delighting in thinking of the Word with God and all things coming to be through him.

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