There should be no new Gospel, other than the one Jesus taught Paul.

Monday, 10/3/16

St. Paul had been an enemy of the Gospel, but then, Jesus knocked him down, and he personally taught him all of the Gospel. That enabled Paul to write in today’s first reading, “If anyone preaches to you a gospel other than the one you received  let that one be accursed.”

In the last century there were two French priests who pointed out that the Church through the centuries had added some things that differed from what Jesus had told Paul. For instance, Jesus had said, “You know how among the Gentiles those who exercise authority lord it over them, but it cannot be that way with you. Anyone who is first among you must be like the servant of all.” However, through the centuries, although they didn't want it, our bishops came to be addressed as lords.

Good Pope John XXIII, who convoked the Second Vatican Council, strove to bring us back to what we were in the beginning. Like, he insisted that there is no greater dignity than that of any and every soul created in God’s image.

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