Sometimes we need to bend a rule in order to achieve peace.

Tuesday, 10/12/16

In the first reading Paul spoke of the religious uselessness of being circumcised. He even saw it as more than useless: “If you have yourself circumcised Christ will be of no benefit to you.”

In spite of his saying that, he personally circumcised his chief disciple Timothy. He did that because he knew that Timothy would not be welcomed in synagogues if he were not circumcised.
The exception that Paul made there makes me feel that at times we must go against straight church teaching to accomplish a greater good.

At Mass last Sunday, I gave the example of one of my sister’s daughters wanting to be married by a lady friend instead of by the priest. It broke my sister’s heart to go along with that, but she felt that she should give in to her daughter, rather alienating her. That daughter’s nickname with her twelve brothers and sisters was “the Witch.”

The Witch, having got her way with that, has become the most loving member of the family.


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