Pope Johm XXIII saw the need for practicing agiornomento."

Tuesday, 10/25/16

Jesus compared the Kingdom to the smallest of seeds, the mustard seed. After it is planted it can produce a tree-like bush. We can take that to be a prediction regarding the spread of Christianity to all nations. 

However, going on Jesus having once said, “The Kingdom of God is within you,” we may see his parable as meaning that one short prayer, or one act of good example could be enough to cause the faith to take root and spread in an unbeliever’s heart.

Writing to Timothy, Paul said, “Wives should be subordinate to their hsbands in everything.” It just so happens with me that this morning, as I was reading that, I was also reading about women taking up sixty percent of the American work force during World War Two. That might lead us to think that what is considered to be proper behavior can change with imes.

Our need to adopt ourselves to changing conditions was uppermost in the mind of Pope John XXIII when he anmnounced the need for the Second Vatican Council. You might remember his favorite word. It was “agiornomento,” and it meant keeping step with what God’s world aas it is today. We could possibly elect a woman president.

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Unknown said...

Yes Father, It is possible that we may elect a woman President. I hope and pray we don't. I am proud to cast my vote for the Pro-life candidate.

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