What Jesus objects to was that the rich man never worked.

Sunday, 9/15/16

What did Jesus have against the rich man who dressed in purple garments, and who dined sumptuously each day?

He would not have objected to the man’s dining well. The enemies of Jesus often  remarked upon how Jesus also attended banquets.

He might have objected to the man needing to be dressed in fine purple, and objected to the way the man dined “sumptuously.” But what he really objected to was that the rich man did that “every day.” What Jesus objected to was tha the man never worked.

The Bible tells us that God put us on the earth to subdue it, and to till it.

Even if we are not in a position to till the soil, everyone of us has work we could do. We could straighten out our lives. We could visit the sick. We could write notes to the lonely. We just need to get up and do something!

Washington yesterday dedicated the Museum of African American History and Culture, and there were many short, pointed, speeches. I  liked something Shirley Ann Jackson often heard from her father.

He would tell her, “We should always shoot for the stars; and even  if we don’t reach the tree tops, we will at least got off the ground.”

Never let a day pass without your shooting for the stars, or at least getting off the ground.

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