We have many fine ladies following Jesus,

Friday, 9/16/16

St. Luke is the only Evangelists who gave credit to the women who were part of Our Lord’s travelling band. He spoke of Mary Magdalene, of Joana, and Susanna. He spoke as well of Martha who could cook for as many as showed up.

Now a-days we have two Catholic lady judges on the Supreme Court. Let me mention a few of our local fine leaders.

Sister De Sales ran St. Vincent’s for years. After her knee operation, an overweight Polish woman in an old nightgown, she sat humped over in a chair next to her bed. She was no beauty, but still, looking up at me, she said, “I’ve been sitting here, thinking about what a wonderful thing a body is.”

Anna Voss was about the best principal we ever had at St. Paul’s. We got her when a new pastor in her former parish fired her for being from Cuba or one of those islands.

Susanna Murphy, who comes to our daily Mass, has a doctoral degree that has equipped her for many top jobs, but she is more often involved in voluntary practices.

St. Lawrentia Cusack taught grade school in Ireland for eleven years before teaching in Jacksonville for eitght years, and in St Louis for thirty-five. St. Louis has a massive St. Patrick’s Day parade, and Sister Larry’s last job before going back to Ireland was to lead that parade. 

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