The Bible speaks of two kinds of Wisdom. It is acting sensibly, and it is listening to God's teachings.

Sunday, 9/4/16

With our first reading being from the Book of Wisdom this is an opportune time for us to discuss the two meanings the Bible has for Wisdom.

Often the Old Testament will contrast Wisdom with her sister Folly. Poor Folly never looks before she leaps. Without visualizing the harm that is sure to come of it, she always goes for immediate pleasure.

Folly’s sister, Wisdom, looks first to some desirable goal. She would like to have a teacher’s certificate. She would like for her friend to get medical help. She would like to have a trim waist. With one such fixed goal in mind, Wisdom cheerfully undertakes all the hardships involved in attaining that goal.

The second kind of biblical wisdom is counsel from above. Jesus spoke of it after the Last Supper. We read  John’s Gospel, Chapter Fourteen, verse twenty-six, where, speaking of the Spirit, Jesus said, “He will teach you everything, and remind you of all that I told you.”

To obtain that heavenly wisdom, you must become  God’s obedient servant. Then , you put yourself in God’s presence. After you lay your problem before God, you wait quietly. God's wisdom will often come to you in the form of some words of Jesus that suddenly pop into our head.

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