Strings of unrelated commercials swarm over all our TV programs.

Monday, 9/26/16

With Jesus saying, “Those who are not against us are with us,” I got thinking of people who are not out to help us spiritually, are they against us? I am thinking of the  people who swarm us with commercials.

With the big debates scheduled for this evening, I checked into the Sunday Morning news shows; but all I had to watch were great batches of commercials, and they got to reminding me of cockroaches.

Back when I retired to a condo I brought a handful of knives and forks with me. Evening after evening, when I had prepared something tasty, I went to the silverware drawer, only to find it crawling with Palmetto bugs. Slamming the drawer shut, I would set out for the nearest lunch counter.

It used to be illegal for law firms to advertise, but now law partners with oodles of money for advertising line our roads with their pictures. I suspect that for those who do their likenesses, they are employing the same artists who used to do holy card pictures of Jesus.

I am old enough to recall Jack Benny’s “Jello” commercial and the “Pepsodent” commercial that opened and closed each Bob Hope’s show. Now they are replaced by thirty and ninety second strings of unrelated commercials that like so many cockroaches, come swarming over the newsbreaks and the key moments of the dramas.  

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Unknown said...

Interesting analogy Father ads and cockroaches. I never thought of it that way but, you are right. I do not know if I would hire an attorney who advertised on TV. God Bless.TCL

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