St. Matthew and St. Luke gave different versions of the Beatitudes.

Wednesday, 9/7/16

Our Gospel, from Chapter Six of Luke, parallels Chapter Five of Matthew. Matthew’s accont begins, “He went up on the mountain, and he began to teach them, saying:” 

1.Blessed are the poor in spirit. 2.Blessed are they who mourn. 3. Blessed are the meek. 4. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice. 5. Blessed are the merciful. 6. Blessed are the clean of heart. 7. Blessed are the peacemakers. 8. Blessed are you when people insult you because of me.”

In Luke’s account that we have today, nstead of Jesus going up on the mountain, “he stood on a stretch of level ground..”  Then, instead of the eight Beatitudes, Luke quotes Jesus as giving us four ways in which we can be happy.

1.     You will be happy: 1. If you do not long for riches. 2. You will be happy if you do not long for fine foods. 3. You will be happy if yu can endure suffering. 4. You will be happy if you do not long to be well popular.   

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